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Coins, coins and more coins


What’s in a name? In our case it’s coins.

At Capitol Coin, we have a nice selection of coins for your collection. Check out the U.S. tab under Coins & Money at the far left. There you’ll find a selection of our latest offerings.

There’s a National Parks Quarters set that would make a nice addition to your collection. At $64, it includes 56 pieces from 2010-2021. Minted as part of the America the Beautiful Quarters Program, these quarters depict our national parks or other national sites. The series included five new reverse designs each year from 2010-2020 and one final design in 2021.

There’s a U.S. Capitol proof silver dollar from 1994. It’s $50 and comes in an explanatory folder.

Maybe you want to combine your love of coins and political items? We have some brand new challenge coins that are really a must-see.

President Biden’s trips to Northern Ireland, Ukraine, Poland and Mexico all resulted in colorful challenge coins. These are available priced from $60-$75. Take a look here on the website.

Better yet, if you are in Washington for any reason, come visit. We love meeting our collectors. Just give us a call first so that we will be expecting you.

There’s no better way to spend these hot summer days than looking through our stock, either online or in the store!

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