Some really excellent Reagan stuff! | Capitol Coin and Stamp, political memorabilia and precious metals

Some really excellent Reagan stuff!


What a find! You never know what’s going to turn up when you clean out a closet. About a year ago, I bought some great Ronald Reagan memorabilia that I’m just now putting up for sale.

There’s a great trip folder from his 1985 trip to China. It’s beautiful and very scarce; it includes a writing tablet. Take a look at the photo on the website. It’s $250.

And we’ve got Presidential cufflinks and a tie clip, in their original boxes. The cufflinks are $150; the tie clip is $125.

But the very best thing is a set of 10K gold cufflinks from during the time he was governor of California (1967-1975). These are also very scarce, and they are really gorgeous. They can be yours for $450.

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