White House presidential flag is a great find! | Capitol Coin and Stamp, political memorabilia and precious metals

White House presidential flag is a great find!


I recently purchased a large White House Oval Office Presidential Flag dating from the 1960s. It measures 53 inches by 42 inches. The flag has been removed from the frame. Here are five interesting facts about it:

(1.) the finishing production date is Feb 28, 1968 (2.) it's made of polyester-rayon & the POTUS coat of arms is a mix machine & hand stitchings (3.) the fringes consist of gold of & silver bullion (4.) it's one of only six of this particular class of flag in existence (5.) it's a military color guard flag, it was always within a few feet of POTUS

It’s quite a find. One recently sold for $27,500. Call us for pricing.

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